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NUJA Meditation

multilingual music meditations created by two musicians and meditation lovers

NUJA meditation is meditation music made by Vienna based classical harpist Isabel Goller and singer-songwriter Elisa Godino. The sound of their music is a mixture of harp, vocals and electronics to give a meditation experience that is unique and of high quality.


Their work includes instrumental tracks, but also meditations with spoken guidance in the languages of their home country South Tyrol: German, Italian, Ladin, South Tyrolean dialect and a version in English. The diverse musical background of the two musicians creates a distinctive sound that invites you to dive in and let go.

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Our releases

Moonrise Instrumental COVER.jpg


The track "Moonrise" is inspired by the first half of the menstrual cycle and is composed as crescendo, slowly building up over 9 minutes. Every person is different. Every woman is different. However, all those who have a menstrual cycle experience a self-contained, recurring state each month, triggered by a natural, hormonal interplay. We offer this guided meditation aiming to help you feel the first part of the cycle - the follicular phase - more consciously.

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GRATITUDE is a meditation that addresses the topic of gratitude, an inner attitude in which we cultivate recognition for ourselves and all that surrounds us. Feeling gratitude consciously can make our life happier and more balanced. This meditation is suitable for everyone, both beginners and advanced meditators. GRATITUDE is available as an instrumental track as well as in English, German, Italian, Ladin and South Tyrolean Dialect.

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EASE - NUJA Meditation

EASE (2020)

EASE is a mindfulness meditation that helps you focus on your breathing and on the acceptance of the moment. EASE can be a perfect start for those who are new to meditation. It is available as an instrumental track as well as with spoken guidance in English, German, Italian and South Tyrolean Dialect.

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About us

Isabel Goller

Isabel Goller is a classical harpist from South Tyrol. She finished her bachelor and master studies at the Zurich University of Arts. Isabel is active as an orchestra musician in ensembles such as Vienna state opera or Komische Oper Berlin. Next to her career as an orchestra musician, Isabel is invested in projects like the Chamber music Ensemble "Trio Lusinea",  founding the Orchestra "Südtirol Filarmonica" and curating the cultural association "Arton". With "NUJA Meditation", Isabel combines her passions meditation and music.

> More about Isabel Goller

Elisa Godino

Elisa Godino is a singer-songwriter, voice instructor and voice over artist based in Vienna. Since her childhood, the trained jazz vocalist experiences music as the most natural way to express herself. After her bachelor and master studies at the Music and Art University of Vienna (MUK), she started working on her project ELIS NOA together with saxophonist and producer Aaron Hader. After two EPs and performances across Europe, ELIS NOA released the debut album "What Do You Desire?" in 2020 at the ORF Radiokulturhaus in Vienna. Elisas search of honest expression expands through her artistic work, her teachings as well as her voice over work for diverse projects in commercial or short film.

> More about Elisa Godino

NUJA Meditation - Elisa Godina und Isabel Goller

Live Events

Do you want to organize a special activity for your team/guests/friends that also contributes to their mental health and well-being?

The event is inclusive and does not require previous experience with the practice of meditation - it is both beginner friendly and suitable for more experienced practitioners. The activity can take place in company offices, a booked yoga studio or outdoors. The guidance can be offered in German, English or Italian.

Contact us for a private live event:

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